Intel X exists to WAKE UP the SLEEPERS!

We want to inform as many people as possible about what’s been happening for decades now and through the latest news and updates, we hope this information can help people truly see what’s going on in the world and help them wake up.

We realize there are lots who have strayed away from God. Not everyone can be saved and not all will make it, but our mission is to spread God’s word while exposing the evil behind this global cabal. This war is not about Republicans v/s Democrats. It’s About Good v/s Evil. We do this because we love America. We do this because we love our freedom. We do this for the love of God and his grace. We do this because we want everyone to live together ONE DAY in peace and harmony.

NOTE* – Some things we report on may not be 100% accurate or correct. As not everyone has 100% of the facts of what is truly happening. If we did, the enemy could easily change their plans as they would know what is coming. So we may only have half of the INTEL or we may only have Misinformation (misleading information, either created or disseminated without manipulative or malicious intent). The enemy believes in using Disinformation (defined as deliberate, often orchestrated attempts to “confuse or manipulate people through delivering dishonest information to them.’’ The UNESCO publication expounds that while both are problems for society, disinformation is more dangerous because it is intending to harm, and is “frequently organized, well resourced, and reinforced by automated technology.”) Either way, we still strive to bring you the news we gather and our opinions on what we see and hear about is happening around the world as fast as possible. This way, you can decide what you’ve learned and decide what to do with that information, and do further research on those topics.

With that being said …

Let The Truth Be Told!