An Exclusive Conversation w/ Rick Martin

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Get stoked! Get excited! And get your pens and notebooks out if you’d like to become empowered!

Today, we are graced by the one-and-only — Rick Martin, the founder of The Constitutional Law Group.

He is responsible for some truly amazing tasks and has dropped (figurative) bombs in courtroom after courtroom — helping expose systemic corruption at high levels, helping to keep businesses open, putting away child predators, and simply put — standing up for We The People.

We weave in and out of a handful of topics — but for the most part this conversation (hopefully one of many) revolved around We The People’s Great Awakening which is now taking shape all over this country. We are waking up to the absolute fraud known as our court system, BAR attorneys, the justice department, etc.

Prepare to be empowered! And definitely get to know your county sheriff!

Enjoy the show!


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