As some may wonder about the letter X in our logo and misinterpreted this for The Satanic X as you can read about it in that article we linked to. It is important that you understand the true history behind the letter X and why we use it in our logo.

We went back far into history and learned from Raymond L. Cox about the true meaning of the letter X and what it really represents. The article is about “Is God Against Christmas” but what I found most interesting is the history of Letter X and what it really means.

You can read the entire article but I just want to cover the parts about the letter X here so that you can have a better understanding of it.

You see, the X in Xmas did not originate as our English alphabet’s X but as the symbol X in the Greek alphabet, called Chi, with a hard ch. The Greek Chi or X is the first letter in the Greek word Christos. Eric G. Gration claims that as early as the first century the X was used as Christ’s initial. Certainly, through church history, we can trace this usage. In many manuscripts of the New Testament, X abbreviates Christos (Xristos). In ancient Christian art X and XR (Chi Ro–the first two letters in Greek of Christos abbreviate his name. We find that this practice entered the Old English language as early as AD 100.

Moreover, Wycliff and other devout believers used X as an abbreviation for Christ. Were they trying to take Christ away and substitute an unknown quantity? The idea is preposterous.

Some may use Xmas today as an unchristian shortcut for Christmas, but the ancient abbreviation by no means originated as such. The scribes who copied New Testament manuscripts had no intention of taking Christ out of the New Testament. They used the abbreviation simply to save time and space. We use abbreviations for the same purpose today, as witness FDR, HST, JFK, LBJ, and a host of others. Xmas is a legitimate abbreviation.

The X in our logo represents the Word of Christ. And I think you already know what Intel means.