Intel X: 6.25.21: Trash The Mask And WAKE UP

In Intel X: 6.25.21: Trash The Mask And WAKE UP, we talk about an interview from Plandemic 2. We go over what’s in the vaccines, the one world goverment and we check out a couple of memes. We also cover the Georgia Guidestones and talk about why you should “trash the mask!”

Intel X: 6.25.21: Trash The Mask And WAKE UP – Time Stamps:

0:31 – Show Prayer
2:02 – What We Are Talking About In This Show
2:23 – Please Donate To Help Support The Truth

3:35 – From Pathogen to Profit Video
7:19 – What’s In The Vaccines
12:18 – One World Government

23:50 – Where Can You Find Us Online

25:24 – Memes & Apophis Asteroid
28:35 – Georgia Guidestones
35:56 – Trash The Mask

47:55 – Ending Bible Verse



Plandemic 2: CLIP

What’s In The Vaccines Image Download:

Winknews Video:

What’s In The Vaccines Article Info:
Vaccine Excipient Summary PDF:

CDC website:

All the Zeitgeist Movies:

Georigia Guidestones Mystery Article:

Brad Meltzer’s Decoded: Georgia Stonehenge Has Apocalyptic Powers (S1, E10) | Full Episode | History:

Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci CLASH at Senate hearing on the Coronavirus:

Dr. Tenpenny Interview Video Link:
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Website:

Near Death Experiment: The Fauci Emails: Were the Conspiracy Theorist right?

LEOPOLD NIH FOIA Anthony Fauci Emails:


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